Clear View On Pricing

Here at Local IT Care, we can offer you a new service in the IT world, a PayAsYouGo service. This service is Ideal for the company that requires occasional on-site IT support. This way you only pay for the time on site which will allow your company to concentrate on what it does best. This service has been taken up by a number of companies who now know that Local IT Care is just a phone call away and that they are only paying for the time the engineer is on site.

We’re completely transparent about our prices – the last thing we’d want is for you to have a nasty surprise, which is why we don’t have any hidden fees. You only pay for what you need; and our fixed fee pricing models enables you to monitor your cash-flow and financial planning effectively.

What Does This All Cost

We only have one price and that is just £45.00 per hour whether it’s a network problem or hard drive problem the price is always the same. With just one price for all your IT services, you will always know what the cost will be at any time.

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